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How to Run a Water Line to Your Fridge

Posted - 07/19/2012

Running a waterline to your fridge can be simple as long as you properly prepare yourself for the setup. A waterline is a vital component to your refrigerator, as it provides the water source for your water dispenser and ice maker. To prepare for the setup, you need to ensure you have all of the equipment and supplies needed for this project.

Usually, you can buy an installation kit at a home improvement store, which should have all of the supplies you need. Begin by finding the nearest cold waterline to your refrigerator and then shut off the main water valve. You will need to cut a section out of the line and install a tee fitting or saddle valve that is soldered to the cold waterline. Next, solder a 3-inch copper pipe to the tee fitting and a stop valve at the other end. Then connect a coil copper tube to the end of the stop valve and route it to the water connector on the back of the fridge. Before you make the final connection to the fridge, ensure you flush out the line with water to clear any debris. After flushing, connect the tubing to the fridge and then follow the owner’s manual for operation of the water and ice dispenser.

If you find yourself having difficulties is running the waterline, there is help available. The professionals at Honolulu Appliance Repair are standing by to assist you.
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